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Visit our team of pediatric physical therapists for specialized services uniquely designed for your child.

Our Services

Outpatient Pediatric Physical Therapy

We treat children and teens with a wide range of needs.  From pre-term infants to the young athlete and all ages in-between, we are prepared to help.   An evaluation will be completed during your first visit when we will discuss your child's needs and perform an examination to assess which areas to address.  From there, we will develop goals and a plan of care.  We realize children live in the community and need to be able to function in a variety of places - school, grocery store, home, theme park, wherever!  We also realize children have social and emotional needs.  We work to help your child feel comfortable, confident, and independent! Our motto is, "MOVE/LEARN/PLAY" because movement alone is not enough.  Everyone needs a purpose with somewhere to go and something to explore.  Life is full of adventures and your child deserves to be part of it all.


Fit Kids

The Fit Kids  program is designed to help fight the obesity epidemic our young people are facing in the United States.   We focus on three main areas with your child or teen - physical activity, basic nutrition, and education all wrapped up in a fun, motivating environment to help your child take charge of his/her own health journey.  This program may be covered by your insurance.  Call and ask us for more information!


We provide our patients with onsite  orthotics services.  We are able to assess, measure, and order a variety of shoe insert supports, SMOs, and AFOs.  We then follow up with you in the clinic for fitting and adjusting braces as needed.  

PT Bootcamp

Coming Soon!

Our Team

Judy Benton PT, PCS, C/NDT

Judy founded Pediatric Physical Therapy, LLC and has served children in her Anniston clinic for nearly 30 years.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.  Her love for children is obvious and she is dedicated to insuring families in Calhoun County and the surrounding areas have local access to specialized pediatric physical therapy services.  

Melanie Haigood PT, MS, PCS

 Melanie has worked in pediatrics for nearly 20 years and also brings experience in sports injury rehab. She has worked extensively with children who are deaf, blind, and have multiple disabilities. Melanie has experience in Hippotherapy and also has a registered therapy dog!

Jacqueline Swale PT, DPT

Jacqueline  has experience in a variety of pediatric settings including inpatient rehab, Pediatric ICU, Cardiac unit, and general pediatric acute care. She is also interested in pediatric PT research.  We are very lucky to have Jackie on our team!

About Us

Our Mission

See the Difference

Our Approach

All of us at Leaps & Bounds strive to provide specialized services in an  advanced practice setting for children and teens who may have developmental delays, sports injuries, and a wide range of medical and special needs.  We believe EVERY child has potential.

Our Approach

See the Difference

Our Approach

We want to be an integral part of your team.  We work closely with you, your child's pediatrician, equipment vendors, and anyone else you designate as an important figure in your child's life.  We work  together to incorporate therapeutic strategies into your child's daily routine, in addition to the one on one therapy in the clinic.  

See the Difference

See the Difference

See the Difference

We are not your average Physical Therapy Clinic.  All of our therapists have vast training and experience in Pediatrics and are equipped to help your chid succeed.  We have extensive practice and knowledge of  typical and atypical child development and understand how to care for these young patients.  

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